Parents' Views


Our son Saransh Verma joined Vision Infinity in April 2014 and he secured AIR 79 in JEE Advanced .Vision infinity is certainly the best institute because it not only provides children excellent education but also personal attention by every teacher to every student .The practice done here in the form of three types of daily tests, speed test, mission test and the best weekly test MAP-TS provides self confidence to the student and also superb practice. We thoroughly beleive that if our son had gone to any other institute he couldnt have secured such an excellent rank in JEE Advanced.

Mr. B.V. Verma
Mrs. Pratibha Verma


Our son Shashwat Shivam had joined Vision Infinity Ltd. after Class X for Two-Year Classroom Programme in April 2014. He secured AIR 82 in IIT JEE Advanced 2016.
Vision Infinity Ltd. is an excellent institution for the preparation of IIT-JEE. Earlier, we thought of sending Shashwat to Kota for studies, but we decided against it, and sent our son to Vision Infinity Ltd. instead. The faculty here is always available for students and keeps them motivated. The weekly test series (MAP-TS) are evaluated on the same day as the exam and doubts are also cleared. The whole credit for our son’s success goes to the 
guidance of P.S. Sir  and Vision Infinity Ltd. To all the students preparing for IIT JEE and their parents, we would like to say that if they join Vision Infinity Ltd at the right time, their talent would be harnessed correctly and they would be able to achieve their goal for sure. 

Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta
Mrs. Reena Gupta


After a long search I decided to admit my son in VISION INFINITY. I knew about this organization since the time when my daughter KRITIKA’S dream to become an IITian was fulfilled. Usually children get depressed due to the toughness of the exam but VISION INFINITY is a place where they learn to put 100% in a competitive exam like IIT. The Test Series really helps the students to get motivated the credit for which goes to P.S Sir. He, himself is a great example and I believe that my son will also achieve his goal through brisk practice. I have great belief in the support system of faculty members towards the students. Thanks to VISION INFINITY, thanks to P.S Sir for guiding Kritika to achieve her goal. Hope the same for my son.

Mr. Abhay Khare
Mrs. Shobha Khare


Our son Saksham Singh is a student of Vision Infinity. His performance is very good. We are satisfied with his performance.


Mr. Atar Singh
Mrs. Asha Kushwaha