The Rehearsal surfaces the weak areas which the students can overcome well in advance of the final hit. Some students feel that they should first finish the course or some time even finish revision and then they will appear in rehearsals. If it comes in mind to any student it means he/she is committing a blunder. In fact rehearsal must go simultaneously with their preparation. Because rehearsal puts pressure on completion of preparation which is very necessary otherwise preparation stretches beyond final exam. Basically rehearsal is an indicator of your preparation which warns you about your weaknesses, accordingly you can improve the topics you are lagging behind so that you could score in all the subjects which is well above the cut off level. You have to compete over others to get a rank. So increase your rehearsals that leads to perfection.


MAP-TS i.e. "Mission Accomplishment Programme - Test Series" is a mega test series which helps the students in a big way in completion of their mission to get through IIT-JEE. Test Series is prepared by a cluster of experts from all over India working throughout the year. MAP-TS covers thorough concepts from entire syllabus of all the concerned subjects. Each and every test of MAP-TS gives the feeling to the students as they are appearing in IIT-JEE and that ultimately make the students able to overcome IIT-JEE phobia. MAP-TS not only makes the students to know about their strong and weak areas but also helps in converting their weak areas into strong oneMAP-TS gives the opportunity to students to undergo several rounds of tests on IIT-JEE pattern before appearing in IIT-JEE.

Vision Infinity the institute of international standards is on "mission success" to make the students successful in IIT-JEE with good ranks.