Director's Message


" Prakash Singh
MD Vision Infinity Ltd."

Dear Students,

In the continuously changing scenario of technology worldwide, IITs are extending the support of its ultra-modern expertise to other fields also like Computational seismology, Nano-technology,Intellectual property, Economics, Statistics and Informatics etc. As the demand of Indian teachers is growing vertically worldwide, the IITs are developing its infrastructure to produce world technology leaders in order to fulfill tomorrow’s need. As IITians are in great demand world over, the Indian Govt. should set up more IITs It is my considered view that Technology is going to rule the world and we are in position to rule the world. The only thing is, we should realize the power of our technology and remove policy constraints to make the path of development favorable and move fast. IITs are not just an institution but a culture we are proud of and most of the countries are striving for. Each and every student of science stream wants to be a part of this technological culture and working hard to get into it.

IIT-JEE is a different examination for a 12th class student since it requires the understanding and application of the concepts, which are never tested in conventional school examination. The same concepts are applied to new situations and a lateral thinking is needed.What is commonly understood needs some more analysis in its different manifestations. After all if every thing in science is simple and has no other lateral dimensions, there will be no scientific breakthroughs and we may not have crossed even the old stone age. So simplified understanding of the concepts, development of analytical skills, smart practice on relevant question modules and a little bit of commonsense is all that is required to succeed.