"How Vision Infinity came into being ?"

Long years of teaching experience in the arena of IIT-JEE over the years in different cities of India and the extensive research carried out over the student’s difficulties, compelled us to redesign the whole paraphernalia of teaching IIT-JEE aspirants. Vision Infinity is the outcome of that thought & approach of holistic guidance for IIT-JEE. The idea of Interaction Hours & Interactive Analysis was conceptualised specifically for this purpose. It redefined the word competition for IIT-JEE aspirants and changed the dynamics of preparation for IIT-JEE . This generated a lot of interest & competition and was welcomed overwhelmingly & received well with great enthusiasm. Thus our organisation VISION INFINITY came into being on 13th march 2000 & became fully operational on 2nd April 2000 specifically to guide the IIT-JEE aspirants. Its unique outlook & temperament nurtures autonomy, independence & self-governance.

Feeding Techniques:

The continuously evolving teaching techniques developed & innovated for IIT-JEE aspirants by our highly dedicated, devoted & experienced team is based on the need of each & every student & designed on the theme that, when students can remember the songs or story of a film by watching it for three hours, then why can’t they remember the subject they learn continuously for years together.

Interaction hours:

This small group discussion is one of the ways of feeding the knowledge to the younger brains. The" Interaction hour” programme is for the instant solution of students’ doubts.

Interactive analysis:

Mind boggling comments by experts, on the weak areas of the students after visualising their performance. This programme forewarns the students and rededicates them to workout the weak areas.

Team of dedication:

The determined and dedicated team is devoted to smoothen the path of success for students to follow The cultured and courageous team is all set to put the brains on the track of success. Team consists:

  • Faculty
  • Managerial staff
  • Computer experts.

The functioning of Vision Infinity is based on 'Giving right concept, providing highly competitive environment and giving continuous motivation to the students.

The “Parivar”:

The cohesiveness in the organization made it to emerge as a Parivar, where we learn all the time from seniors and deliver the same to juniors. The students are benefited a lot because of availability of Faculty members all the time. Each and every member seems more energetic because of the tension free culture of the organization.

To honour hospitality and emphasise honest work culture with highest level credibility, a corporate look was given to the organisation on 31 March 2004 with smooth transition into Vision Infinity Ltd.