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Gagan K.Dixit

AIR : 169
IIT : Delhi
Branch : Electrical

I am very thankful to Vision Infinity Ltd. for their unmatched support and efforts which helped me greatly. I pay my heartiest thanks to their teachers and also to their staff members who worked hard for us. I was greatly benefited by their MAP-TS which gave us the competitive environment before the final knock out.

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Sandeep Bapat

AIR : 43
IIT : Mumbai
Branch : Computer Science

Thanks to Vision Infinity for their constant support and guidance. The faculty was always helpful and cleared each of our doubts. The MAP-TS gave experience of real IIT-JEE.

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Saurabh Shrivastava

AIR : 106
IIT : Mumbai
Branch : Electrical

I am duly thankful to Vision Infinity Institute who really helped me to clear all my concepts. The perfect thing is that “daily test” makes the topics more clear & revised continuously.

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Mr. Chandrasekhar Josyula
Director, Altitude Classes
Lecturer - Mathematics

A great personality, strict teacher, compassionate person, highly committed to the students, technology buff, these are the words which I get to my mind, when I think of PS sir.

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Mr. O P Singh
Lecturer - Chemistry

I have been associated with Vision Infinity directly or indirectly in teaching and non-teaching activities since the year 2000. Vision Infinity is an undisputed hi-tech premier institute for IIT-JEE aspirants where problems and queries of the students regarding the subjects are well taken care of. Teachings along with rigorous regular practice make an average student to master the subjects and get selected in IIT-JEE with good ranks.

Mr. Prakash, chairperson of Vision Infinity is a sensitive and devoted teacher who personally monitors the progress of students on individual basis through the discussion sessions every week. The students are accordingly guided as per their strengths and weaknesses. The institute provides a good study atmosphere in a disciplined manner under the hawk eyes of Mr. Prakash who keeps vigilance on every activity going on through CCTV.

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Mr. S R Mishra
Director, IIT Ashram
Lecturer - Mathematics

Prakash Singh Sir is Popularly known as P S Sir is a friend, philosopher and guide to me, during the time when the IIT-JEE Exam was Descriptive type .He was the only teacher who dared to guide the students for descriptive type question, from that time to this day, he is teacher par excellence. He is the first person to introduce video lecture to classroom and he is perfectionist. Who will never rest and never compromise on the quality.

The exemplary performance of ‘Vision Infinity’ can be solely attributed to its student centric approach, focused curriculum, operational is discipline, dedicated mentors and most importantly a dynamic leader who believes in leading from the front. As a peer institute we wish you continue in the path of excellence and prosperity.

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Mr. Ashok Kharb
Mrs. Chhavi Kharb

My son Aamod Kharb has joined 2 year program for JEE Main and Advanced. He is very happy as faculty of this coaching are very sincere, learned and always take a step further to ensure that the student gets the best possible. The study material and workbooks given are excellent and contain all types of questions.

The director of institute, P.S Sir is a real jewel, who always gives finishing touch to student’s knowledge that carries him over the finishing line. I am very happy by the way this coaching and its teachers have carried out the responsibility we gave them 2 year ago to help my son crack IIT-JEE, and I am sure they will continue the good work they have done for 2 years.

I am thankful to Vision Infinity for giving a focused vision to my child.

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Mr. Atar Singh
Mrs. Asha Kushwaha

Our son Saksham Singh is a student of Vision Infinity. His performance is very good. We are satisfied with his performance.

We are thankful to the teachers and staff of this institute.

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Mr. Sharad Kumar Verma
Mrs. Geeta Verma

As the name suggest “Vision Infinity” there is no limit, limitless scope for everybody. Whoever dares can achieve whatever he sets target.

As parents, we are watching closely the activities of “Vision Infinity”. Strict discipline, hard-work, covering vast area of related subjects, quality study material all things are of high standard. Students are kept involved deeply in study hence it is not easy for any student to divert from the goal. Competitive environment helps and motivates the students to keep an eye on the goal. Past result of the Institute evolve hope in every student that with this kind of study he can too make a good rank.

Our suggestions for “Vision Infinity” is faculty members should inculcate the vision in the eyes of every student that they have achieved the goal because visualization is manifestion.

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" Prakash Singh
MD Vision Infinity Ltd."

Dear Students,

In the continuously changing scenario of technology worldwide, IITs are extending the support of its ultra-modern expertise to other fields also like Computational seismology, Nano-technology,Intellectual property, Economics, Statistics and Informatics etc. As the demand of Indian teachers is growing vertically worldwide, the IITs are developing its infrastructure to produce world technology leaders in order to fulfill tomorrow’s need. As IITians are in great demand world over, the Indian Govt. should set up more IITs It is my considered view that Technology is going to rule the world and we are in position to rule the world. The only thing is, we should realize the power of our technology and remove policy constraints to make the path of development favorable and move fast. IITs are not just an institution but a culture we are proud of and most of the countries are striving for. Each and every student of science stream wants to be a part of this technological culture and working hard to get into it.

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All India Online Test Series Programme

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MAP-TS Toppers (One Year Programme)
Conducted On:23 Apr 2014
MAP-TS Toppers (Two Year Programme)
Conducted On:23 Feb 2014
MAP-TS Toppers (Three Year Programme)
Conducted On:20 Dec 2013
MAP-TS Toppers (Four Year Programme)
Conducted On:20 Dec 2013
MAP-TS Toppers (Five Year Programme)
Conducted On:20 Dec 2013

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